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 Since 1976, Houston divorce attorney John W. Mikus has been working in behalf of his clients to preserve assets, protect child custody agreements and establish fair agreements in division of divorce finances.  As a divorce lawyer, as well as a child custody lawyer, he rigorously represents his client's long term welfare and security. His 35 years experience as a child support attorney ensures that you have the best advocate fighting for the well being of your children.

Parents can get overwhelmed in the course of divorce and the ending of their marriage, and they can lose track of the values they've always supported to protect their family.  During this difficult time, your child support attorney John Mikus will aggressively protect your child's future and welfare by seeing that the child support awarded will provide his needs. While an attorney can never guarantee what will take place in the courtroom or the decisions made by the judge, you can be sure you will have the optimum in representation by this firm.

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